Family fun with Hoodwinked!

Looking for something fun to do with the family this weekend? The movie Hoodwinked is one of our family favorites. Brad and I have found that movies are not only entertaining, but they also create teachable moments.

Hoodwinked is a fun twist on the Little Red Riding Hood story and a great tool for illustrating how easy it is to be wrong if you only have part of the information. The political and cultural climate we live in makes it difficult to know who’s right and who’s not. Who’s telling the truth? Who’s manipulating the facts for their own gain? If it’s confusing for adults we can be sure it’s confusing for our children!

Below are some questions you can use to talk about how God is always right because He sees everything and He knows everything.

Here’s what you will need:

  • Rent or purchase the movie, Hoodwinked!
  • Have movie snacks on hand…because snacks and movies just go together!
  • If you want your kids to think you’re super awesome, have everyone make a blanket tent in front of the TV, fill it with comfy pillows and watch the movie from inside!
  • Conversation starters for after the movie:
  •    After the first scene, who did you think stole the recipes?
  •    When did you first think it might be the bunny?
  •    The inspector did a great job of figuring out what was the right story. 
How did he do it?
  •     If God had been the inspector, when would He have known the right story? How? 
(Because  God is everywhere, all the time. He sees everything that happens and He knows what story is right. God knows everything and He doesn’t have to ask questions to find out what we do.
  •     Was Granny wrong to lie to Red? Even adults can do the wrong thing, but God never does. He’s always right and He always does what is right.
  • Bringing it to a close:
  • Thank God for the comfort of knowing He’s always right and we don’t have to worry about Him getting the facts wrong.

Talking about the reality that God is ALWAYS Right and completely trustworthy can give your kids (and you!) comfort and security in a tumultuous world. We cannot depend on people, the media or even our leaders to always be right, but we can depend on God and His Word.

Have a wonderful weekend!