Protecting your kids from predators

The most dangerous of all predators are often overlooked—those that prey on our children’s view of God. Don’t misunderstand, I abhor sexual predators, however, view-of-God predators strive to steal much more than our bodies. A friends’ story may help you understand…

She was sitting on the beach enjoying the late afternoon sun and some personal Bible study time. A shadow moved over my friend and before she could utter a sound, a strong hand covered her mouth, dragging her to her feet. A gang of young men surrounded her. Moving as one, they pushed her toward the pier. No one heard, no one noticed.

When they reached the pier, each man took turns raping her. Finally they held her head under water, attempting to kill the evidence. She never knew why they let her go, but suddenly the restraining arms were gone and she was sucking the life giving air again.

Recovering from such unimaginable trauma took lots of time and loving support, but it was her understanding and faith in God that brought her back from the brink. Her view of God provided the foundation to heal the brokenness and rebuild what evil had tried to take away. Today she’s a joyful wife and mom.

The sexual predators she encountered on the beach stole much, but they couldn’t steal her soul. View-of-God predators infiltrate every area of life with the goal of doing just that.

How do you recognize a view-of-God predator? You start by knowing who God really is! The better you know Him the easier it is to spot the imposters. I’ve been a follower of Jesus for decades. I thought I knew Him, but I discovered a few years ago that I, too, was a victim of view-of-God predators. Not only that, I was passing their lies on to my kids without even realizing it!

It’s time to take on the view-of-God predators in our culture and fight for our children and grandchildren! Make time to shore up your own view of God. ( can help you in your journey!) Your children and grandchildren will be eternally grateful!

Oh, that we might know the Lord! Let us press on to know Him. He will respond to us as surely as the arrival of dawn or the coming of rains in early spring. –Hosea 6:3