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It’s why I do what I do…

Today I was reminded why I do what I do.  Seven children were forever changed.

Last night forty children in the Awana “Sparks” group at Matt’s church listened intently as he read our new book, Getting to Know Jesus for Little Ones.  The story of Tommy, Keesha, Marco and Su’s adventure to find God captured their imaginations and their hearts.

The story follows the four friends as they search for four keys that will help them begin a relationship with God.  Each discovery gives them important information about having a relationship with God as well as a clue to find the next key.

After Matt read the prayer at the end he told the kids that he was going to read it again.  If they had never asked Jesus to forgive their sins and be their friend and king they could do it right then by silently praying with him.  With heads bowed they talked with God in prayer:


“Yes, Lord Jesus, I need You.

Yes, I want to be Your friend.

Thank You for dying on the cross

And paying for all my sins.

Yes, I open up the door of my heart.

Please be my friend and King.

Help my to obey You

And trust You with everything.

Yes, I want to know You better

Each and every day.

Yes, I want to love You more.

Please help me listen and obey.”


After Matt prayed he asked them to raise their hands if they accepted Jesus.  He assured them that God knows their heart and they don’t have to raise their hand if they don’t want to.  Seven children raised their hands!

That is why I do what I do.  I prayed a similar prayer when I was eight and it changed my life forever.  My heart’s desire is to help as many children as possible to trust in Jesus and live in His love.

Because all the royalties from the book will go directly into ministry and not to Brad and me personally, I feel free to share with you our prayer that God will use this book to draw hundreds of thousands of children into relationship with Him!

The official release date is February 1.  However, we are giving away one book per day this week!  To enter, go to our FB page, Discover God 4Kids, and comment on today’s post about the book.

When you talk with God tonight, will you join me in giving thanks for the seven precious children who began a relationship with God last night and for Matt as he continues to invest in their lives?

P.S.  You can pre-order the book from Amazon, Barnes n Noble or from our website,

What would you choose?

I’ve been pondering something for the last few months and I want to put it out there and see what you think…

What is the most important thing for a child to know about God?

Is it His love?  Many Christians would say ‘yes!’

On our website,, we have daily bible teachings and activities to help weave 13 of God’s attributes into every day life.  Our analytics reveal that most people use the resources for God’s Love but very few ever check out God’s Holiness.  It’s not surprising really.  When was the last time you heard a sermon on God’s Holiness?  If you have heard one, did you understand it?

God’s Holiness is hard to wrap our heads around.  Sadly, most theologians haven’t helped us.  It’s true that His Holiness sets Him apart from everything we see, feel and touch.  It is what makes us fall to our knees before Him because we realize how unworthy we are to even speak His name.  But it is also the attribute that, more that any other, gives us HOPE.

Bill Bright wrote in GOD: Discover His Character,

Of all God’s attributes, nothing compares to the splendor and beauty of His holiness.  It is chief among His attributes.  That means His character is perfect in every way.  He is totally pure. (page 130)

 Did you catch that?  His character is perfect in every way.  God’s Holiness is what makes every other attribute perfect, without flaw or weakness.

I do want my kids to know that God is Love.  But His love isn’t just any love.  It doesn’t change with the cultural norms.  It’s not a love based on selfish desires.

God’s love is perfect.  It’s holy.

I want my children to know they can count on God’s love even when they blow it.  I want them to be confident that, no matter how many times they ask, God’s perfect love will never let Him compromise what He knows is best for them.

I want them to know that God is Holy – so they can know that His love is Holy.

So if I could only teach my children one thing about God I would teach them that He is Holy.  His Holiness makes every other attribute perfect.

What are your thoughts?  What attribute do you think is most important for your kids to know?