Generation LL…Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan made the news again. My heart breaks for this mixed up young woman. She violated her parole and was sentenced to 30 days in jail. The judge made it clear that Lindsay, whose disregard for the law has not gone unnoticed, is on a short leash. If she does not report to the jail at the appointed time she faces 300 days in jail.

Unfortunately, the system isn’t helping her.  Here’s the reality, due to jail over crowding California automatically reduces sentences dramatically. In the end, Lindsay may spend less than a day in jail. I wonder if she was laughing at the judge when she walked out of the courtroom.

The flip side of the issue occurs as well. Innocent people are given harsh sentences while the guilty go free. Every day our children watch as the consequences for bad behavior are swept under the carpet and we wonder why immoral behavior is epidemic.

The term “social justice” adds to the confusion. What started out as a movement to help the helpless has become an umbrella term for anyone who feels disenfranchised for any reason. Social justice is helping a little girl escape a brothel, not ensuring that the poor can buy a soda or go out to eat at a restaurant. My kids don’t get sodas and we rarely go out to eat (fast food or otherwise) because we can’t afford it. Social justice should seek to provide clean water, basic food and opportunity to those who want to rise out of poverty. Soda and fast food are luxuries, not necessities for survival.

How do we teach our kids about justice when every day they see it mocked, abused and watered down? We point them to the Author of Justice. The judge who handed Lindsay Lohan her sentence has limited authority to enforce it. God, however, is not limited in His ability to ensure justice because His unlimited power cannot be thwarted…not even in California! God’s justice is perfect because He is perfect (Holy). His omniscience (all knowing) ensures the innocent are never found guilty. His Mercy and Grace through Jesus ensures the penalty is paid and those who accept His payment are not condemned…only God can execute justice like that!