Jesus Name…just a word? Part 2

What’s worse—using the “f_ _k” word or using Jesus name in vain?

I don’t blame non-Christians for the humiliating disregard our culture has for the name of Jesus. If I were intent on marginalizing a religion, I would do what they’re doing. It’s a brilliant strategy—misuse His name in every way possible and soon He becomes ‘just a word’ rather than a Savior.

God’s people have become so de-sensitized to the abuse of our Savior’s name that we do it ourselves without even realizing it.  God’s heart must break every time He hears it.

I have to point the finger at myself as well. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve recommended our family watch a movie and then half way through it Jesus’ name is profaned. How did I miss it? I missed it because I, too, am easily de-sensitized.

In one Christian school, the 6th grade science teacher warned that the documentary they were about to see had some mild language in it but “nothing that bad.” A student later told her parents, “They used Jesus’ name in vain in the movie. I thought that was really bad but the teacher didn’t think so. What’s the truth?”

If the words, “f_ _k” or “s_ _ t” were in the film do you think the Christian schoolteacher would have shown it? Those 2 words may be vulgar but they don’t tarnish the image of the Savior. Why do we cover kids ears and wash out their mouths in regard to vulgarity and not profanity?

Brad and I have made it a non-negotiable to turn off any movie (no matter how engrossing it may be) if Jesus’ name is used in vain. If you try it you’ll soon discover that your media options are very limited! You’ll also discover how incredibly freeing it is!

I’ve found that the more I honor His name the more I enjoy a deep and intimate relationship with the Lord. Can you imagine having a close, intimate relationship with someone whose name you allow to be trashed every day?

If we don’t stand up for Jesus’ name who will? Our kids need to see us honoring His name, not profaning it. They need to see us standing up for His name, not ignoring it every time it’s misused in TV, movies, and the work place. Our kids must see us living out the third Commandment:

You must not misuse the name of the Lord your God. The Lord will not let you go unpunished if you misuse His name. –Exodus 20:7 (NLT)

1 thought on “Jesus Name…just a word? Part 2

  1. paula sue

    I call Him “My Jesus” when I talk about Him.
    “I feel so loved by My Jesus.”
    “My Jesus was laughing with me I am sure when I…”
    “I could not get along today without My Jesus.”
    These are my statements about me and the One that I am in the deepest relationship with.
    His name is precious to me.

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