Saved from suicide…

I hope you’ll be as encouraged by this story as we were when it happened… “You don’t know me but I would like to meet you tomorrow and accept Christ.” Peter tried to identify the male voice on the other end of the line but couldn’t. He thought it was a practical joke from a friend, however, just in case it wasn’t, he agreed to a meeting. The next day the young man told Peter his story:

Yesterday I was getting ready to commit suicide, but then I remembered this guy I met 2 years ago in Atlanta. He was with Campus Crusade for Christ and he tried to talk to me about having a relationship with Jesus. Honestly, I was totally rude to him. I had absolutely no interest in Christ. Since then my life has spiraled out of control and I don’t want to live anymore. Yesterday, as I was getting ready to kill myself, I thought of the guy in Atlanta. I decided that before I end it all I should accept Jesus. So, I called the university and asked to speak with someone from Campus Crusade. Since you’re an officer they gave me your number. So, here I am. I want you to read through that booklet and help me accept Jesus.

After reading through How to Know God Personally (a version of The Four Spiritual Laws) and talking at length about what it means to put your trust in Christ, the young man bowed his head and prayed, surrendering control of his life into the hands of the Savior…his Savior! Hope glistened in his eyes when he thanked Peter for meeting with him. Thoughts of suicide vanished. His new life in Christ gave new purpose.

We never know when the seeds we plant will take root and grow. The man in Atlanta probably thought the seed he planted in the young man’s heart fell on hard soil. He still doesn’t know that the seed penetrated the outer crust and saved the boys life, now and for eternity. Plant the seeds of God’s character and Jesus’ saving grace in your children’s heart everyday. Some will grow and bloom now, but many won’t blossom until they’re far from home; when life seems to fall apart and they descend into a place so dark it’s hard to see the light of hope.

Finally, pray that God will bring people into your children’s lives that will continually point them to their Savior and look for opportunities for you to be that person in someone else’s life!

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