There’s nothing wrong with racism…

“There’s nothing wrong with racism…” my husband told a black pastor in Washington D.C. They stared at each other for several uncomfortable seconds until Brad broke the silence, “…unless the God of the Bible actually exists.” The pastor’s face lit up as the power of the statement sunk in. “Oh that’s good! That’s very good!” he said with a smile.

The reality is, apart from God, morality is a fairy tale just like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny! When Brad does radio shows he challenges anyone to call in and prove his statement wrong. Inevitably atheists will call and declare they don’t believe in God but they’re moral. Here’s my husbands response:

I don’t know you. You may very well adhere to moral standards. However, apart from the existence of God you can’t explain to me why I’m obligated to treat you in a moral fashion.

We want our children to grow up with a strong moral compass. We want them to be honest, hard working, kind, generous, and extend love to all people. However, with the God of the Bible banned from the classroom and expelled from the public square it’s no wonder the younger generations have a blurred sense of morality.

Bringing God back into the public debate is essential, but the best thing we can do for our children’s future is to teach them who God really is and why it matters. Our homes are the most powerful change agent our country has.

I have dear friends who give their life’s blood to save the lives of the unwanted unborn. Others fight injustice, racism, abuse and child pornography. As vital as these battles are, there is one we all must fight and win. If we don’t fight this one, all other battles are fought in vain. We must fight to make time to teach our kids who God really is and why it matters.

I’m going to be bold here and say that if there isn’t time in your family life to explore together the character of God and why it matters in every day life, something needs to go. There is nothing you’re doing that’s more important for your children’s future… nothing.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with lying, cheating, racism, homosexuality, drug abuse, pedophilia, abortion or rape…unless the God of the Bible exists.

3 thoughts on “There’s nothing wrong with racism…

  1. paula sue

    I like it. I like the Truth. You tell the Truth, I like the Truth, so I like you. It’s scientific. I would be interested to know what the atheist says to Brad when he tells them “I don’t know you. You may very well adhere to moral standards. However, apart from the existence of God you can’t explain to me why I’m obligated to treat you in a moral fashion”.

  2. Kathy Bright Post author

    The response to Brad’s statement is usually something like this: “We’ve developed a moral standard over time. Our morality has evolved over time, just like we have, as we learn from our common experiences.”
    Brad follows up by saying, “So morality has evolved. We’ve made it up over time, much like Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. You still haven’t told me why I’m obligated to abide by your moral code.”

  3. Kathy Bright Post author

    Someone left a comment that I won’t post because of the unnecessary use of vulgar language. I welcome civil debate and have had many helpful conversations with people who don’t agree with me. However, I’ve found that when someone has to resort to vulgar, hateful speech it’s because my message hits close to home and they don’t like it. Nathan, if you want to have an intelligent discussion about why you disagree with this blog I would welcome the conversation.

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