What went right today…

My ipad was on the bathroom counter (note to self: never take the ipad into the bathroom… what was I thinking?!). I lifted a hand towel and watched helplessly as the ipad tumbled toward the toilet (note to self: remind family members to put the toilet lid down…I know it’s hopeless cause but one can always keep trying.). Then something incredible happened, instead of crashing into a watery toilet grave, the ipad took a totally unexpected turn and fell harmlessly onto a padded carpet.

In the span of 5 seconds I felt horror, despair, anger, relief, joy and exultation… it wasn’t even 7 a.m. and I was exhausted!! I stared at the ipad and thanked God. Something that could have gone terribly wrong, went right.

Every day there are hundreds of things that “go right.”  Even on those terrible, no good, very bad days we can find something that went right. Each one is an opportunity to thank God and fix our eyes on the Author of faith, hope and love.

The enemy wants you to focus on what goes “wrong” today. Refuse to give him any ground. Thank God every time something goes right! Then, just to remind the enemy of joy Who’s really in charge… thank God for the things that go wrong.  Claim His power, sovereignty and promise to cause all things to work together for His good!

What’s gone right for me so far today…

*ipad saved from a watery grave!
*I don’t have to tell Brad my ipad met a watery death!
*Beautiful day for a morning walk!
*Fresh blueberries!
*Quiet Time with God in the midst of busy schedule.
*Took my daughter to get a haircut and she likes it!!!
*Diet Pepsi for $1.50 for six pack!

What’s gone right for you? Ask your kids what’s gone right for them today and enjoy giving thanks together!!!

1 thought on “What went right today…

  1. Paula Sue nd Stephi too

    We like this.
    We decided that we have much to be thankful for.
    Jennifer is thankful for hair gel.
    Stephanie is thankful she does not have to be stuck out in the rain at night.
    Paula is thankful for coffee, but mostly the creamer.

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