Welcome to my Korner!

About my blog…

My name is Kathy Bright and I’m so glad you’re here! I’m passionate about Jesus, my family and helping children discover who God really is and why it matters. I believe that every problem in life can be traced back to an inaccurate view of God. Sound crazy? Test it with me and see if it changes your life like it’s changed mine! Here’s how my journey began:

My husband, Brad, and I were sitting at the table with his dad (the late Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ). Bill made the statement, “We can trace all of our human problems back to an inaccurate view of God.” I wish I could tell you that I responded with mature spiritual agreement, but when my father-in-love saw the look on my face he knew the truth. In typical Bill Bright fashion he smiled and said with a twinkle, “Test it and see.”

I did test it and over the next few months I filtered every problem through the grid of my view of God. This is what I discovered: A flat tire is not a result of an inaccurate view of God, but my response to the flat tire is. My view of God determines whether I react to the flat tire as a problem or see it as an opportunity to see God work. I discovered that my head knowledge about God wasn’t translating into my everyday life. I did many of the “Christian things,” and truly believed what I said and taught, but my “problems” revealed some major gaps. The gaps affect my relationship with my husband and my kids. They rob me of the freedom, peace, and joy God promises. It’s sobering to think that, as a mom, I’m probably passing those gaps to my children.

The great philosopher, Rocky Balboa, said of his sweetheart Adrian, “I got gaps, she’s got gaps, and together we don’t have so many gaps.” This blog is all about helping each other fill in some of the gaps in our view of God and sharing the adventure of life, together!

About Me

I was born in Iowa and grew up in Boulder, Colorado where I learned to love skiing, fly-fishing, creativity, singing and being with family. I earned a BA in music from Westmont College and pursued a Master’s degree in Vocal Performance at the University of Indiana. While at Indiana I learned that, as much as I loved performing, it was my passion to help women discover the secret to true fulfillment that made my heart sing. I left IU and began living my dream while on the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ. For 23 years God has given me the privilege and joy to help women from the college campus, to the work place, and to the home discover who God really is and why it matters.

I married the man of my dreams, Brad Bright, in 1992. When he asked me to marry him he said, “Kathy, I can’t promise you we’ll ever have a lot of money, but I can promise you that life won’t be boring!” To my delight, he’s delivered on his promise!

We have two fabulous teenage children and 3 precious ones I’m waiting to meet face to face in heaven. Becoming a mother birthed a new passion in my heart; helping parents pass on the life-defining message of the importance of knowing who God really is and why it matters. We spend so much time, energy and emotion raising our children and yet, if the foundation isn’t built solidly on the character of God we set them up for failure.

I love my “day job” as the National Director of Discover God 4Kids and the Executive Producer of the animated series, The Shield Bearer. Check out the Family Adventures with God devotions and activities at DG4Kids.com! I still perform, write songs and enjoy the gift of music, but sharing the gift of God’s Character with a world that desperately needs it fills my heart to overflowing!