And the doctor says…

I was really hoping the doctor would prescribe a pill and my symptoms would go away. I felt “old”. The symptoms varied, but “old” was the best way I could describe what I was experiencing. He did blood work and the results confirmed my fear…no pill would solve my problem. I was over weight and out of shape. If I wanted to feel better I had to deal with the cause.

It’s true that girdles and spanx can be a girls’ best friend, but they can also help her live in denial. My dresser is full of various body sculpting undergarments. I poured myself into them and learned to survive with small, shallow breaths. The scale became my enemy so I stopped getting on it. My energy level plummeted along with my motivation. My body hurt doing the simple tasks of life. Surely all those symptoms added up to something more than lack of discipline!

We live in a culture of quick fixes and pills for every problem. We want to be “spiritual” without investing time getting to know God through His Word and in prayer. We want to be good parents without interrupting our personal plans. We want a great marriage without loving sacrificially. We want healthy bodies without diet and exercise…

Cause and effect. We can pretend it doesn’t exist but in the end the effects of our choices catch up with us and we wonder why it feels like God is far away, we don’t have a good relationship with our kids, spouses search for love in someone else’s arms and we feel old and tired and alone.

What about you? Changing bad habits can be overwhelming.  Remember, you are not alone.  Not only is God  capable of helping you, He delights to do it!  Start with one habit and choose to do one thing today that will move you toward change.

Five months ago I started to exercise. I started slow. The results came even slower. Today I’m still doing it–without pills (except Aleve…lot’s of Aleve!) and I feel…almost young again!

The eyes of the Lord watch over those who do right;  His ears are open to their cries for help. Psalm 34:15 NLT