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When I was in grade school I heard about a girl who was horribly disfigured.  Her doctor, however, was confident there was hope.  After countless surgeries, Dr. Maltz held his breath as the final bandages were removed. A smile of relief lit his face as he handed her the mirror and waited for the now beautiful woman to see what he saw. “I’m still ugly!” she cried at her reflection.

Dr. Maltz was dumbfounded. He had given her a face many women long for but she still saw herself as ugly. Her response confirmed what had long been a nagging suspicion for Dr. Maltz. If a person believes they’re ugly on the inside, there’s not a plastic surgeon in the world who can make them feel beautiful on the outside.

I think of the deepening lines I saw staring back at me in the mirror this morning (along with numerous other flaws I won’t mention!) and I have to admit that, apart from the grace of God, I too would be disappointed in the image that stared back at me. Every day I need to re-affirm the foundation for my self-esteem in order to fight the media driven lies that pummel my self-image and rob me of the joy that comes from embracing who God has created me to be. It’s a battle to look in the mirror and see what He sees.

I hope you will stop by God’s “Beauty Shop” every morning and get a ‘face-lift’ from His Spirit and an infusion of peace from His Word. No amount of creams, make-up or surgeries can make you more beautiful to behold than time spent with the One who made you and loves you just the way you are. If you need a place to start, read Psalm 139!

By the way, you can help your children navigate the self-esteem waters. Encourage them to see themselves through God’s “looking glass” rather than the “worlds”! They’re never too young to go to His Beauty Shop!! (check out DG4Kids: God Knows Everything/day 3)

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