Conquering Fear

Our two dogs, a seven pound Pekinese/Chiquaqua and a beautiful Sheltie, are making it challenging to write. I love the thunderstorm that’s raging outside, but my dogs are petrified. I’ve done everything I know to do to calm their fears. The little one works himself into a frenzy, shaking like a leaf and totally beyond consoling.

He’s completely safe, wrapped in my arms. I know he’s safe but that doesn’t matter to the dog. He shakes until the storm dies down or he gives up from shear exhaustion!

I look at him, quivering over nothing, and I wonder if I frustrate God this much when I tremble with the fears that threaten my world. Does He wonder why I don’t trust in His strong and faithful arms? Does He shake His head when I waste so much energy fretting over something He’s taken care of already?

My fears reveal my lack of faith—faith in His Love, His Power, His Faithfulness, His Control. Fears unveil the question mark few are willing to admit exists in their lives. Is God really more powerful than _________? Can God really make something good come from___________? Can God really love me after I __________? So many questions, only one answer, “yes!”

Here’s a question that has really helped me identify the source of my fears: What attribute of God am I struggling to believe is true in this circumstance? The answer to that question is the place I know I need to start. The key to conquering fear is focusing on our All Powerful, Faithful, Totally in Control,Loving, Merciful, Ever Present, All Knowing, Always Right, Just, Holy, Truthful, Personal and Never Changing God.

Whatever your fear is today, ask God to help you feel His arms surrounding you, giving you strength and peace beyond understanding.

The Sovereign Lord is my strength! He makes me as surefooted as a deer, able to tread upon the heights.” Habbakkuk 3:19 The Discover God Study Bible, NLT

1 thought on “Conquering Fear

  1. Paula Sue

    Is God really more powerfull than my ridiculous craving for ANYTHING dipped in chocolate, due to my pre-menopausal state?
    Can God really make something good come from my inconsolable crying during Toy Story 3, due to my pre-menopausal state?
    Can God really love me after I shoot white hot daggers of anger at everyone in my family for eating all of the cashews out of the nut mix, due to my pre-menopausal state?
    I choose yes. Thanks for reminding me 🙂

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