Conversation starter: What scares you the most?

Talking about our fears is a key step to rendering them powerless in our lives. It’s the same for children. Sometimes discovering what our kids are afraid of is a no brainer. They scream, hide, cry… but sometimes their greatest fears go undetected. Like adults, kids learn to keep some fears to themselves. Pushed into the back corners of their brain the fears fester, grow and take control.  It’s our job to help bring the fears out into the light.

It’s not enough, however, just to talk about what frightens us. Sitting around a campfire sharing scary stories tends to feed the fear rather than quench it! Like us, children also need to bring their fears face to face with their All Powerful God and trust Him for the courage, strength and faith to do battle and win.

October is a great month to focus on God’s limitless power! Halloween paraphernalia and promotion is on every street corner. Whether you participate in Halloween activities or not, your kids can’t escape the skeletons, ghosts and witches that pop up everywhere. It creates a launching pad for conversations about what they find scary. Be careful to listen compassionately to what they share and don’t minimize their fear. It may sound silly to you, but it’s real to them. Bring the focus back to God and the fact that NOTHING is stronger than Him.

Conversation starter: What scares you the most?

Follow up question: What makes it scary?

Follow up question: Is God stronger than anything you’re afraid of?

The Lord merely spoke, and the heavens were created. He breathed the word, and all the stars were born.                                                         —Psalm 33:6 NLT

Follow up question: How can God give you power over your fear? (example: I know I’m never alone. He’s always with me…)

For I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength.

                                                –Philippians 4:13 NLT


Keep in mind; you don’t want to plant false expectations of God’s power in the hearts and minds of your kids. Sometimes He gives us power to endure rather than power to take away that which scares us. Sometimes He gives us powerful peace rather than take away the turmoil. Sometimes He wraps us in powerful comfort and healing rather than remove the hurtful circumstance.

Fear wins when it paralyzes us, controls our actions and manipulates our relationships. God’s power frees us from fear and gives courage to move forward, make good choices and live a life of authentic love.

I don’t know about you, but this mom needed to be reminded of God’s power today! The message spans the generations!!  🙂