Is a child ever too young to accept Jesus?

Brad did it when he was 3 ½ and the memory is etched in his heart and mind. Jack was also 3 ½ when he did it, but he doesn’t remember a thing about it. When his dad recently read through the new 4Keys 4Kids evangelism tract with him, Jack, now five, said he wanted to pray and ask Jesus into his life. His dad asked if he remembered when he prayed the prayer before. Jack said ‘no’. So they bowed their heads and Jack repeated the prayer, signed his name in the back of the book as a solid reminder of the decision he had made.

Is a child ever too young to accept Christ? Was Brad’s decision more real than Jacks? Easter week is upon us and many parents will have the opportunity to answer questions kids have about what they see and hear regarding Jesus’ death and resurrection. How do you know if a child is “ready” to accept Christ? Theologians differ radically in their answer to this question. Rather than get tangled in the weeds I will keep it simple…

Because God knows everything, He knows the heart and mind of a child. Jesus encouraged the little ones to come to Him. He didn’t put an age restriction on the invitation. When a little child wants to come to Him our response is a no brainer—we show him/her how to “come!” Booklets like the new 4Keys 4Kids are a great resource and help explain the decision in terms a child can understand. Of course, that is only the beginning of the journey!

Many people who accept Christ at an early age will choose to surrender to Him again as they mature. This second decision doesn’t negate the first, but rather reinforces it. Again, God knows the heart of child. When children come to Him with a childlike faith, He opens His arms, receiving them without reservation and begins the life-long adventure of drawing each one into a deeper relationship with Him.

Studies show that if a child in America doesn’t accept Christ by their 14th birthday there’s only a 6% chance he/she ever will. It’s a sobering reality. The best time for your children to discover who God really is and begin an eternal relationship with Him through Jesus is now. They’re never too young to love God and get to know Him!

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