Meriam Ibrahim. Is it worth dying for?

What’s worth dying for?

Meriam Ibrahim sat for months in a Sudanese prison cell nursing her newborn daughter and caring for her toddler son. She steadfastly refused to do the one thing that would instantly save her life and the lives of her children; deny her faith in Jesus.

Wow.  It’s one thing to put your own life on the line, but to know that your choice could lead to the death of your kids…that’s a tough one…unless you care more for their eternal souls than you fear their physical death.    And unless you know that Jesus offers something so amazingly wonderful it’s worth dying for.

Meriam understood that living under Islamic law, worshiping the hate-filled god of Islam and risking the souls of her children wasn’t worth living for.  She’s not alone.  Followers of Jesus are tortured and killed for their faith all over the world.  Those precious souls have experienced something many Christians in America have not—a faith worth living for and dying for.

There is a crisis of faith in America which is destroying our nation from the foundation up.  We claim to follow Jesus and yet we often deny who Jesus really is… or we water down what He actually taught when it becomes uncomfortable.  As important as it is to fight for our freedom to have our faith; we must fight even harder for our faith.

Young people are leaving the church in droves.  Why?  The answer we hear most often is they don’t think Christianity “works”.   They hear a lot of “rules” associated with faith but they don’t see the joy Jesus plainly promises lived out in their homes and in their churches.  If it doesn’t really work…why bother?  The thing is, Jesus hasn’t changed.  The promises of God Almighty haven’t changed.  We have.

My dear readers, fight for your children’s faith by personally pursuing God with wholehearted passion.  The more you know Him the more you will trust Him.  The more you trust Him the more you will rely on His strength rather than your own.  The more you rely on His strength the more your children will see a faith worth living for.  The more they see a faith worth living for the more they will see a faith worth dying for.  The more they embrace a faith worth dying for the more the culture they live in will be transformed.

Fight for your children’s faith by engaging them in daily conversation about who God REALLY is and why it matters in their life today.  (Because God is Awesome!  and are great tools).

Pray today for the other “Meriam Ibrahims” still imprisoned around the world for their faith.  Pray for God’s strength to stand firm.  Pray for their freedom.  Pray for our faith.

P.S.  A huge thank you to Megyn Kelly of Fox News and Tony Perkins from Family Research Council for fighting for Meriam’s freedom!