Praying for Pretty Tennis Shoes

What do your kids pray for?   I remember my prayers as a little girl.  Alone in my bed I poured my heart out to Abba (Daddy) Father.  Family life was unsettling and insecure.  God was my refuge, my sounding board and my hope.  I imagined Him whispering goodnight just before I fell asleep.  I felt loved and treasured.

When I “grew up” my prayers reflected increased responsibilities and worries.  My “mature” faith cast aside the trivial prayers and focused on the really important things of life.  Not that the “really important” things aren’t good to pray about— it’s good to grow up, to think about others and to pray for the world around you—however, it’s not good is to lose the relationship aspect of prayer.  I had and I wanted it back.

Believe it or not, accepting the challenge of directing Discover God 4Kids was a catalyst for recapturing my relationship with Abba Father.  Exploring His character and then wrestling with how to communicate that life-changing reality to children blew an igniting wind on the smoldering embers of my relationship with Him.  I remembered what drew me to Him all those years ago.  He is a big God, capable of handling any problem; He is a loving God who is thrilled to do good things on our behalf just because it gives us joy; He a faithful and never changing God; He listens, He engages and He empowers…I am never alone.  Not only did I begin to feel loved and treasured again, I began to love and treasure God again.

Last night during our family prayer, my 16 year-old daughter prayed for the poor and the sick as she faithfully does, however, the request she added at the end made me smile with joy.  She’s joined the school tennis team and desperately needs a new pair of shoes.  Finances are tight and so she prayed, “God, help us find a great pair of tennis shoes, for a great price…and I would really like it if they are a pretty color.”

I could feel God smile.  It wasn’t the prayer of a spoiled, self-focused narcissist, but the prayer of a young girl who wants her Abba Father to know her desire and trusts Him to meet it if it’s best.  I pray she feels His love and security for a lifetime!

We’re going shopping this afternoon.  I can’t wait to see the tennis shoes He has picked out just for her!