Table Talk

What would you like to be when you grow up?

I love this question!  Do you remember all the things you dreamed of doing when you were a child?  The Attribute of God we’re focusing on in January is “Creator/King”.  The Table Talk Question for this week at is designed to jumpstart a conversation about the unique gifts and dreams God created in each person around the table.  If your kids are like mine, their answers to the question tend to change daily, but they still give insight into the budding interests and heart passions of your child so listen carefully and look for patterns!

I love the answers one of our teammate’s children gave:

“I have no idea what I’m going to be when I grow up. But I would

like to be a singer, and a missionary.”

~10-year-old girl

“I want to be a vet, a doctor, a dentist, a person who adopts kids, and

a worker who helps parents get ready to adopt kids.”

~8-year-old girl

“An airplane mechanic, a pilot, and a guy that makes airplanes… And a

cheetah farmer who takes care of cheetahs.”

~6-year-old boy

Cheetah farmer… Matt and Em are going to have fun with that one!

We’ve provided some suggestions for guiding a conversation about how God has created each of us for a purpose.  Go to the E-Calendar/Table Talk and scroll down to January 15th to find the question for the week.  We would love to hear about the dreams your kids have!