Tips for actually enjoying Thanksgiving…

Thanksgiving is next week.  How are you doing with that?


Dreading it?

Under the pile?

Can’t wait?

All of the above?


I’m all of the above:


My son is coming home from college—super excited!

My Mother-in-Love is coming for a couple days—happy but stressed about having a super clean house.

Speaking of the house… my kitchen is in the middle of a DYI remodel and doesn’t have a sink or a dishwasher (well technically it does… me… washing dishes… in the bathroom…) –thankful for the promise of a new kitchen but dreading Thanksgiving meal prep and clean up…


So I’ve decided to step up the effort to “give thanks in all things”.  It will be so easy to focus on all the things that don’t get done the way I want them done.  Our Thanksgiving won’t be the picture perfect Hallmark Thanksgiving, but maybe I’ll like it even better!


When I go to bed next Thursday night, what memory of the day will make me happy?


Seeing the one’s I love across the dinner table.

Lot’s of laughter and great conversation around the table.

Good food…

…Served on paper plates… 🙂


I’ll clean the house as best I can but I refuse to stress about it.  My daughter and I love to cook and I’m confident the food will be amazing no matter what it’s served on.  Everyone will pitch in to wash dishes and a memory will be made!


The story of Mary and Martha comes to mind.  I don’t want to miss the important stuff by focusing on the things that, in the long run, don’t matter.  I’m praying this for you too.


To help us both, Discover God 4Kids is providing free downloads for Table Name Cards, Food Cards and some really fun Table Talk questions to help jump start fun conversations around the table.  We have a tradition of sharing what we’re thankful for as we eat our meal.  I think these questions will spark some new ideas for sharing and lots of laughter!  Click on the link above and scroll down to the pic that says, “Free Downloads”.


Happy Thanksgiving dear friends.  May God richly bless your time with family and friends.


And give thanks for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.               Ephesians 5:20 NLT