What’s the responsibility of the Christian Citizen?

“It is commonly believed that decisions in America are made by a majority of the people. This is not so. Decisions are made by a majority of those who vote.” (Bill Bright, The 5 Duties of the Christian Citizen).

Our children’s future is already under water.  Yet everyday I hear Christians say they aren’t going to vote for President because there isn’t a solid Christian to vote for. Really? Their frustration is understandable, however, refusing to vote is choosing to let the ungodly decide the next President of the United States. Are we comfortable with that?

I urge you to read Bill Bright’s The 5 Duties of the Christian Citizen (free downloadable pdf ) and share it with your friends who are struggling with whether or not to vote. Here are some highlights:

* To serve God as a citizen, you must become a regularly participating voter.

* Voting for and supporting moral candidates who support moral public policies is the minimum required of Christian citizens in a system of self-government.

* If there is no qualified candidate who is spiritually mature, vote for the one whose personal principles and platform most nearly agree with your own Christian position based on the Bible.

Many Christians struggle with the fact that neither candidate for President meets the qualification of a godly Christian man. One candidate says with his mouth he’s a Christian but his actions contradict his words. He consistently makes decisions that are in direct violation of the Word of God. The other man has a record of living in light of moral principles consistent with Biblical teaching, however, his Mormon faith is not the Christian faith. I will not speak for individual Mormons (only God can judge the heart), but I can say without reservation that many of the Mormon doctrines, as well as the Book of Mormon, are in direct conflict with the words of God and Jesus in the Bible.

So what is a Christian to do? Your choice in the next few weeks will not only affect the outcome of this election, but it will also influence how your children view their role as a Christian citizen—a responsibility they will uphold or abdicate when they become adults. God, in His Sovereignty, placed us in a country where we have a say in who leads us. It is our duty to take that responsibility seriously. Pray, get involved and vote for the best person available.

The reality is, if the godly don’t pick the next President, the ungodly will. In the words of Steve Brown, “You think about that.”