What would Jesus do on Halloween?

Halloween is just around the corner.  Actually, in Orlando it arrived weeks ago.  Creepy billboards announcing Universal studios Night of Horror line the freeway, while Disney wanna-be’s create cemeteries with body parts coming out of…everything.  I hate it.  Why does humanity have such a fascination with evil?  I was pondering this question when I asked another, “What would Jesus do on Halloween?”  I suspect He would use it as an opportunity to light up the night of darkness.   After all, how many nights a year do children from your neighborhood (and beyond!) knock on your door, hold out their hands and receive whatever you put in them? Each year Halloween provides an opportunity many of us crave the other 364 days of the year…a chance to make a difference in the life of a child who has never seen the inside of a church or heard about Jesus (except as a swear word).

I’ve shared the story below with you before, but I think it’s a perfect example of the kind of work Jesus does on Halloween.  He’s not hiding in Heaven hoping the night ends quickly.  He’s out there working in the midst of it.  God takes what the enemy intends for evil and uses it for good.

Decked out in their costumes, she and two friends went trick or treating by themselves. House after house they yelled, “Trick or Treat” and held out their bags for the bounty. One house, however, was different. The smiling face that answered the door gave them more than just candy. Into the bag went something for their sweet tooth and something sweet for their soul.

The trio stopped at the bottom of the driveway and looked at the gospel booklet in dismay. Her friends threw it in the yard, but she couldn’t do it. She dropped the booklet back in her bag and forgot about it.

Later that night she dumped her candy bag onto her bed and spotted the booklet. Curious, she picked it up and read it. The truth of the Gospel of Jesus pierced her young heart and she accepted Him as her Lord and Savior right then and there.

The family who handed out the booklets may have been discouraged to find the discarded ones in the yard the next morning. It’s so easy to feel like our efforts aren’t making a difference. If they only knew the difference it did make in the life of one little girl! They may not meet her until Heaven, but what an incredible introduction it will be!

Dear friends, don’t let the enemy have control of this night. Give the precious souls who come to your door a warm smile, a generous amount of candy and a booklet that tells them about Jesus. I strongly recommend The 4Keys 4Kids booklet.  You can order them at dg4kids.com  Order them today, buy some great candy (don’t be a Scrooge when it comes to the candy!) and pray for the children who will come to your door.  Make it a family affair!  You could be God’s instrument to change a life that may have no other way to hear about Jesus!